How does the geography of employment impact events?

The changing business landscape has given many workers the opportunity and flexibility to work from any location – this is the geography of employment.
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By CODA Team - 2 years ago

The changing business landscape has given many workers the opportunity and flexibility to work from any location – this is the geography of employment.

This fundamental change in the workplace, pushed to the forefront by the global pandemic has seen many people moving around for their jobs, especially in different countries. Many companies have begun adapting to this shifting workforce and have opened up international offices overseas and are offering flexible working to accommodate these cross-boundary employees.

With sustainability now valued by clients in the events industry, it’s beneficial to have a presence in multiple global locations in order to efficiently manage client projects. In the past where we had looked to transport people and services to event locations, we now have the opportunity to recruit the right people locally and build a global workforce that delivers to our high standards.

 The global pandemic forced seismic changes upon industries worldwide. The events industry in particular is paving the way to make cross-boundary communications more effective in a post pandemic world.

Cross-boundary communication

The challenges that come with this change in geography are the need to understand local cultural differences which can be missed when there is a lack of face-to-face contact.

Cross-cultural communication is crucial when working with people from other countries because we need to understand them on a different level. Their local knowledge and experience can make a world of difference when planning and delivering events, for example working around different timezones.

Transformed by Technology

Since the pandemic, there has been a surge in global communication and running a combination of virtual and hybrid events has become much more feasible, some of the benefits include:

  • Events can be managed from any location that has access to a reliable stable internet connection.  
  • Pre Production can be done from any office in any country. 
  • Trucking equipment from the UK will be heavily reduced as relationships with local suppliers in European countries gets stronger and stronger. 
  • Event crew can work together from multiple locations to seamlessly manage technical and visual elements of the event and manage presenters who can deliver their message from anywhere in the world.

For delegates and HCPs, an element of choice appears, where they can choose to travel to a venue for a live event or attend online and still get the same experience knowing that the event has been delivered by a team of international experts – Geography stops being an issue.

Bringing it all together

The key to bringing together a global workforce made up of production staff, event crew and various suppliers lies within the knowledge, experience and expertise of the team at CODA.

We’re expanding across the globe and our hub in Portugal is our first international destination. This gives us a great opportunity to work across Europe in a far more sustainable manner and reduce our carbon footprint. 

To find out more about how our European office can benefit your company and communications, get in touch now and let’s have a chat.

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