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By CODA Team - 1 year ago

Almost 2 years since we opened the doors to our first International location, we wanted to share some insights into why expanding into Portugal was the right decision for CODA Communications and introduce you to our new team members.

Highly skilled workforce

With a growing team in Portugal, our Western European office can offer a sustainable event-planning solution; a multi-lingual, highly skilled team that is motivated by a good work-life balance. Our team’s local knowledge is a resource that can’t be beaten, coupled with the opportunity to grow in a country ranked 24th in the worldwide IMD Talent Ranking1 the scope for scalability is immense. 

For all businesses, a commonly spoken language is an important factor in outsourcing, for CODA, the ability to converse with international procurement departments and delegates gives us a competitive edge and is vital in creating seamless experiences.

Social & Political Stability

As a country in Western Europe that forms part of the European Union, Portugal has strong social and political stability. It has always been a great holiday destination, but now it’s also becoming a popular base for businesses seeking a different European office.  In a country with an economy that grew by 4.8% in 2021 (the highest figure since 1990), it’s no surprise that numerous businesses are choosing to migrate their headquarters over to Portugal. We’re confident that our office in Portugal will be part of a thriving business community.

Portugal, like many other EU countries, also has robust labour laws relating to annual leave, working hours, and minimum wage. Recently named as the 6th most peaceful country in the world it performs very well on the quality of life index meaning employees are likely to want to build their futures in Portugal over other countries. 

As Europe’s 3rd largest economy, Portugal’s central location and good road connections make it an ideal European capital. It’s geographical proximity to Benelux, France, Spain, North Africa and the Mediterranean coast make Lisbon centralised infrastructure possible with relatively small investments on transport. 

Value to cost ratio

With a tremendous value-to-cost ratio, being based in Portugal means that you can hire a skilled employee at a very competitive rate compared to other countries in the world. Employees can enjoy living in the culture rich cities of Portugal and get competitive jobs to utilise their skills whilst companies can benefit from a significantly lower cost for employees. 

Having one of the most developed software industries in Europe and a very high level of computer literacy, Portuguese workers are also able to speak English and Spanish along with their mother tongue, making them an attractive workforce for international businesses.

Meet our team

Our team has grown in Portugal and we’re really pleased to introduce you to Nick, Anastasia, Johnny and Pedro. We asked them a few questions to help you get to know them better.

How do you stay motivated?

Anastasia: Knowing that I can be on a beach within 3 minutes to get a breath of fresh air.

Nick: By travelling and meeting new people.

Johnny: I’m lucky to have a good life, surrounded by the ones I love. That keeps me grounded and able to follow my dreams.

Pedro: I surround myself with people that inspire me.

What’s your favourite way to exercise?

Anastasia: Running

Nick: Surfing 

Johnny: I have a personal trainer and I do bodyboard

Pedro: Swimming

What’s the favourite part of your job?

Anastasia: Dealing with many types of languages and cultures.

Nick: Managing new teams of crew all over the world with different cultures.

Johnny: In my band, I get to sing and make music I love. Having people sing our songs is something truly magical and fulfilling. In the video area, I get to travel and meet many different people and situations.

Pedro: The final applause, walk out tracks followed by the feeling that everything stayed on course during the event.

What’s your most embarrassing fashion trend?

Anastasia: I’m always the queen of fashion

Nick: Going from an M to a L in my shirt size

Johnny: Imitating Fred Durst when I was 16! And the blond highlights at that same age.

Pedro: Shirts with flowers. But they suit me well

If you had to delete all but three apps from your phone, what would you keep?

Anastasia: WhatsApp, Sudoku and Booking.com

Nick: Waze, Revolute, WhatsApp

Johnny: Dictafone, Calendar, Spotify

Pedro: Whatsapp, Mail, Waze

If you could learn a new personal skill what would it be?

Anastasia: Learning more languages

Nick: Flying a helicopter 

Johnny: I would love to master the piano

Pedro: I am happy with my personal skills. Wouldn’t mind losing the sarcasm 😉

The bottom line

There are many reasons why Portugal is the perfect place to set up shop amidst the bustling culture and stunning natural beauty of Europe.

With one of the lowest business costs in the EU, a large pool of highly dedicated, skilled, and experienced employees as well as the great connectivity with nearby countries, the office and fantastic, energetic team in Portugal gives CODA the foundations to begin their international growth journey.

1 – https://worldcompetitiveness.imd.org/countryprofile/PT/talent

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