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A collaborative culture can help shape the future of interactions between HCPs, patients and the Pharma industry. 
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By CODA Team - 2 years ago

Collaboration is the process of working together to complete a task or achieve a goal.

In the events industry, the ability to collaborate seamlessly is fundamental to ensuring a successful event. A collaborative culture can help shape the future of interactions between HCPs, patients and the Pharma industry. 

During the pre-production and on-site phases of a multi-meeting congress it is vital we collaborate well, not just with yourselves, but with other ‘best-in-class’ agencies, suppliers, contractors and venues.

Types of collaboration

Collaboration occurs in a number of ways and these include:

1. Internally – bring teams within large pharma companies together

Fostering cohesion internally and building stakeholder engagement is the first step towards success. Aligning the relevant internal departments to achieve one key vision and sharing that vision through events becomes easier and makes communications through presentations, videos and written forms much more efficient. 

2. Aligning third parties and contractors with the internal vision

Events come in various shapes and sizes and those that involve working with third parties demands an extra level of planning. Ensuring all agencies understand the vision and are working towards achieving it requires effective communication.

3. Coordinating third parties

Agencies, suppliers, contractors and venues are key components to live events. Good coordination makes it easier to get tasks completed as there will be multiple teams working on them. It can also encourage innovation and generate unique ideas to make events more efficient and ensure resources aren’t being over or underused. 

Bringing it all together

CODA has both led and collaborated with many integrated agency teams, so we have a unique perspective on what it takes to foster collaboration. 

The proliferation of digitization means that We’re proud to have collaborated with numerous groups including…

  • Client conference managers
  • Brand stakeholder/project teams, 
  • External content/creative agencies in the UK and US
  • Venue conference teams 
  • Logistics/delegate management teams
  • Congress organisers
  • UK crew, local to event location crew and production companies

…in order to run events from brand update meetings and company briefing meetings to medical training meetings for hundreds of delegates.

We aim to create solutions that are aligned with objectives, are technologically innovative and have good, relevant content that is easily digestible. Whether you’re planning an intimate meeting or a company briefing meeting for over 500 people, we will work with you and your suppliers as well as our network to ensure messages are effectively communicated to your audience.

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