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Drone videography is a powerful tool in successful events, making video come to life.
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By CODA Team - 2 years ago

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the events industry. Because of restrictions on live events, marketing and events specialists found themselves needing to become much more adaptable to a five-year leap in technology within a few weeks. In the blink of an eye, consumers had to say goodbye to traditional live events and hello to virtual and hybrid events for safe communication.

During this shift, videos have remained a constant source of entertainment and information. This is why developing high-quality event content has become a must for effective content delivery within brands of all sizes within all industries.

At CODA, we appreciate the value that videos can have when delivering messages to HCPs at events and that’s why our team in Portugal manages our video content.

Types of Videos that can be used for events

Virtual events and hybrid events have gained popularity during the lockdowns, and it seems that they’re here to stay. Whether your upcoming event is live, hybrid, or virtual, we recommend using engaging video for your event content whenever possible. Since an edited video gives the business more control over how their message will be received, it is much easier to connect with other attendees.

1. Interviews

We’ve found that interviews work incredibly well for events when launching new services, conferences, and webinars. Expert interviews are best during these online gatherings, as they provide attendees with valuable information and a unique, memorable experience. Pre-recorded interviews can also provide a balanced view of topics without emotions generating debate amongst speakers.

2. Animation

Animation is one of the most eye-catching and engaging video types and It’s also extremely effective for visual learners. Out of the four learning styles — visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic — 65% of individuals identify as visual learners. When we need to simplify complex or highly technical concepts, animation is the best solution as this helps visual learners retain more of the information we present.

3. Drone

Now that you don’t need to hire a pilot, camera crew, and helicopter to capture drone shots, it’s time to use the technology to capture ground breaking footage. Drone videography provides businesses with an affordable way to develop videos from a bird’s eye view. If you’re in the agriculture, wine, or construction industry, a wide camera shot really elevates content.

A great example of powerful drone footage unrelated to the Healthcare Industry are the range of videos videos recently created by @pedronobrega and @disorderfilms. The team worked with Nick Davidson in our European hub to develop a series of short promotional videos for Dao and Bairrada and the drone footage captures the vineyards perfectly, reflecting the qualities of the brand and people involved.

Benefits of Video Content Delivery for Events

We’ve learnt that engaging video content can boost attendee interest, engagement, and enjoyment whether events are live, hybrid, or virtual and the main benefits include:

  • Grabs Attendees’ Attention
    The biggest challenge for marketers and HCPs organising events is sparking interest. With numerous messages and things going on, a powerful video to open events makes all the difference.
  • Simplifying complex messages
    By using videography and animation, complicated messages can be broken into bitesize chunks to make it easy to digest.
  • Builds Trust
    High-quality videos naturally evoke emotions, which are an essential factor in building trust. This really helps to strengthen the connection with attendees.

At CODA we know what it takes to produce standout videos that leave a lasting mark on your attendees. With years of experience in the events industry and the added benefit of evolving with the industry over time, we can be your perfect partners. Get in touch with our team now to develop ground breaking, convincing, and memorable content for your next event.

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