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In the events industry, the ability to collaborate seamlessly is fundamental to ensuring a successful event. A collaborative culture can help shape the future of interactions between HCPs, patients and the Pharma industry. 
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By CODA Team - 2 years ago

We are CODA Healthcare Communications and we are specialists in experiential live events for the Healthcare Sector. 

The live events landscape has been subjected to considerable disruption – changing it fundamentally.

The Healthcare industry, in particular its communication strategies, has a responsibility to find environmentally sustainable and inclusive solutions to the congress and events experience.

Many experts think the pressures of COVID, climate change, more flexible working arrangements and the need to increase reach mean the days of ’in person’ only meetings will become a thing of the past. We agree.

  • Those who are willing and able to travel can do so but those who cannot should have digital solutions that will facilitate and enhance their remote experience
  • ‘In Person’ meetings will always be popular, but will now have a virtual/online element which will add to the richness of the event and of course, increasing its shelf life
  • Meeting organisers are expecting meaningful and measurable information to assess the impact each of their events has

Customer expectations

But that’s not the whole story…Our customer expectations and behaviours have changed.

HCPs and colleagues alike are demanding content in a format, on a channel and at a time that is convenient to them.2

  • They see great benefit in more virtual interactions.  A format where they can receive information in ‘bite size’ form but can refer to more complete information should they wish to ‘dive deeper’
  • They go to meetings and congresses and events for data downloads and education, but also value the peer-to-peer exchange when the science presented is interpreted, debated and contextualised

Hybrid Events

The real ROI for Pharma has always been in creating memorable and impactful moments with our delegates – this needs to be sustained in hybrid models.

Differentiation in the new world lies in delivering a coherent, multi-channel, hybrid experience

on the terms of our audience – creating experiences that deliver meaningful interactions with people across the globe, in-person or remotely and producing downloadable takeaways for attendees which can be accessed by the click of a button.

When planning events, it’s vital to work with a partner that understands your audience.  We’re specialists in healthcare and pharma events and we operate with honesty, integrity and in a way that doesn’t cost the environment.  Our values are our guiding principles, we call them our 4C’s – Clean, Clever, Collaborative and Community.

2. Accenture survey: Is COVID-19 altering how Pharma engages with HCPs? Full article available here

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