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As our capability to communicate globally increases we believe it’s even more important to have cultural awareness at a local community level.
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By CODA Team - 2 years ago

The world has become a big place, and as a result, we have reached an undeniable point in history where globalization is not just common; it’s overwhelming.

In this modern world, time zones vary from one another making communication difficult at best.  But we shouldn’t see this as a problem, let’s make this into an opportunity.  Imagine the world’s best brains working together as a continuum on the same project, but physically not in the same space – indeed, they may have never even met!

However, as our capability to communicate globally increases we believe it’s even more important to have cultural awareness at a local community level.


The increasing use of gamification in all aspects of life means there is a generation that is becoming dependent on things that are convenient and engaging. We’ve mentioned that HCPs and colleagues are

Globalization is the reason that events such as the Olympics are able to happen and be watched by millions of people around the world.  Globalization has created an international community of worldwide interaction and through this interaction many things have become more accessible to us today than ever before.  This is a significant change, and it presents us with new opportunities. It’s important to understand the benefits of globalization in that we must take advantage of the changes it has brought us.

It is not just international events where globalization has made a difference though.  Now, people with similar interests and backgrounds can find one another outside of their local community and develop relationships with them on a personal and business level.  Technology has allowed us to do this in a new way.  Previously, you would have had to travel and go to places where conferences and events were held.  But now, you can attend them from wherever you are.

Global communities

The infrastructure for building global communities is in place and understanding local cultures and people helps us to create exceptional live experiences. 

That’s why we are working to develop global alliances with like minded partners, international partners and employing multi-national staff – our own Global Community. 

Between us, we’ve gained over 75 years of global event experience, working in most major cities around the world. 

With a network of suppliers spanning across Asia, USA/Canada, Latin America and Africa plus our international hub in Europe, our community is continually growing.  We’ve developed excellent global supplier relationships which gives CODA and our clients consistent quality and continuity of message no matter which continent we work in.

Why are global alliances useful?

You can be assured that our suppliers are a trusted extension of our business and will work collaboratively to build the best solution for each event.  The added benefit of local contacts results in cost saving and efficiency when it comes to site visits, allowing us to deliver events in all regions with replicated production standards using our experience and the knowledge of local working practices and regulations.

Get in touch with us and see how we can bring your events to life and use our network to build your community. 

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